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For organisations that require highly-skilled, well-rounded cybersecurity talent, Symposia is an end-to-end intelligence platform that allows you to access employees and comprehensive ISO teams.

What you can expect:

1. Increased Revenue
2. Improved Efficiency
3. Decreased Risk

the symposia Triad

Symposia provides it's clients with a turnkey solution embedding world class cybersecurity and CISO capabilities seamlessly across their organisation.

A graphical image of the The Symposia Triad

01 ciso

Your CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is like your security maestro, orchestrating the symphony of digital defense for your organization. They're not just a guardian of your data; they're your spokesperson on vendor and client calls, articulating your security posture with precision. Their magic touch ensures that projects and scopes march to the beat of a secure drum, keeping everything on track and harmonized. Your CISO is the guardian angel ensuring your digital realm stays safe and sound.

02 analyst

Your analyst is the boots on the ground, the frontline soldier marching towards your compliance goals. They navigate the intricate terrain of data and systems, ensuring every step aligns with the melody of regulatory requirements. With a keen eye for detail, they're the ones making sure your operations not only meet but exceed compliance standards. Your analyst isn't just analyzing data; they're sculpting a path to compliance, one meticulous step at a time.

03 manager

Your manager is the conductor of your operational orchestra, ensuring that the daily symphony of tasks and analyses plays smoothly. They're not just overseeing the analysts; they're in the trenches with them, making sure every note is in tune. Their expertise shines when it comes to compliance, guiding your team down the right tracks. With your manager at the helm, your operations sail smoothly, hitting all the right compliance notes and ensuring a harmonious workflow.

How Symposia's integrated solution can help your business:

Why hire a CISO, manager, and analyst individually when you can have an all-in-one solution at a fraction of the cost? We offer fixed monthly service offerings to help your business optimize your budget 
and save money on resourcing. Symposia’s integrated solution delivers the expertise of a CISO 
(Chief Information Security Officer), the managerial finesse, and boots-on-the-ground prowess 
of an analyst all in one package.

Streamline your security Team

Streamline your security Team

Streamline your security Team

Streamline your security Team

Streamline your security team for maximum efficiency, today.

Not only will you be saving your business money, but you will 
be strategically investing in comprehensive security without the hassle. 
Less risk, more reward.