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Achieve your career goals in cybersecurity with Symposia's comprehensive mentorship program. Gain valuable skills and guidance to drive your success in the field.


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Unlock security, compliance & privacy success with Symposia— Empower your business with highly-skilled, well-rounded trust professionals or outsource your security team.

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

About Symposia

We believe trust is a vital part of scaling businesses.

Symposia aims to empower cybersecurity professionals working in companies or wanting to enter the industry.
Symposia is also for companies looking to hire cybersecurity professionals or outsource their compliance & privacy team. We aim to make security, compliance & privacy a revenue generating asset for your company.

Why work with us

Empower your company with our unparalleled expertise in cybersecurity talent that will navigate the intricate landscape of Vendor, Client, and Payor Risk Assessments. Our seasoned team specializes in meticulously ensuring resilience, trust and privacy.

Elevate your risk assessment processes with our expert oversight of your Risk Management platform. We can staff you with a team that will streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and proactively manage potential vulnerabilities, allowing your team to focus on innovation and growth.

Let us be the guardian of your internal risk management initiatives. Our dedicated team ensures that your organization is fortified against both internal and external threats, implementing robust risk mitigation strategies for a secure future.

Stay at the forefront of IT security with procedures tailored to meet the rigorous standards of SOC2 and NIST 800-xx frameworks. Ensure compliance with industry regulations, safeguard sensitive information, and demonstrate your commitment to the highest security standards.

Rest easy with our expert review of service agreements, guaranteeing alignment with scope and SLAs. Gain peace of mind and clarity in your contractual relationships, allowing your team to forge ahead confidently.

Seamlessly integrate our expertise into your organization's projects. We actively participate in department initiatives, offering valuable insights and ensuring that security considerations are seamlessly woven into every aspect of your projects.

Experience comprehensive IT security support that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our services encompass a spectrum of IT security duties, ensuring a holistic approach tailored to your company's unique needs. Partner with us for a secure, efficient, and growth-focused future.