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Real Outcomes & Real Opportunities

Real Outcomes & Real Opportunities

Pursue your pathway to success.

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be intimidating! Our program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in this rapidly growing field - you don't even need prior experience or technical skills. 

Our training builds the holistic understanding you need to impact organisations and drive success: learn from industry experts, master in-demand skills, and launch your cybersecurity career with Symposia, today!

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If you apply yourself, this program goes a long way, and it can definitely change your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I take my trainings?
Symposia trainings are conducted through our learning platform, offering a fully virtual learning experience.
Do I need to quit my job to take this program?
Participating in the program does not necessitate quitting your job. However, it is essential to note that the program demands commitment, dedication, and a significant investment of time and effort.
How are the trainings delivered?
Our programs follow a mutual-paced structure on our training platform, incorporating weekly deadlines to provide structure and facilitate steady progress.
What are the requirements for Symposia?
Professional Competence:
Demonstrate a strong understanding of cybersecurity and GRC analysis. Possess relevant professional skills and prior experience in cybersecurity.

Commitment and Dedication:
Express a strong commitment to personal and professional growth.
Demonstrate seriousness and dedication to the program.

Drive for Success:
Exhibit a strong drive to excel in cybersecurity and break into the field.
Clearly articulate personal and professional goals.

Effective Communication:
Possess clear and effective communication skills.
Work collaboratively in a team environment.

Adherence to Values:
Align with the values and mission of Symposia.
Uphold ethical standards and professionalism in all interactions.
Do I need a certification to join Symposia?
No, cybersecurity certifications are not required to join Symposia. However, we do require members to meet the outlined professional competence, commitment, drive for success, effective communication, and adherence to values as specified in our program requirements.
If trainings with Symposia are mutual-paced, how do you ensure academic integrity?
Our mutual-paced training at Symposia is designed with a focus on fostering a culture of trust and academic integrity. We implement various measures, including regular assessments, and active engagement with mentors to ensure members are progressing authentically and demonstrating a solid understanding of the material. Upholding ethical standards and maintaining open communication contribute to a secure and honest learning environment within the program.
What’s the price of the program?
We offer a range of programs, both free and paid, tailored to diverse needs. To determine the best fit for you and explore pricing details, please inquire directly. We believe in providing accessible opportunities and will work with you to find the most beneficial option.
Do you work with international students?
At this time, we do not work with international students. Our programs are currently focused in the US. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to stay updated for any future expansions or changes to our participant eligibility criteria. We hope to expand in the near future.
Can I refer a friend?
Certainly! We welcome referrals. If your friend is interested, they will need to go through the interview process to ensure the best fit for our program. Feel free to have them reach out, and we'll guide them through the next steps.

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

Access your true potential

Pursue your path to success today.